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Travel expert, writer & wide-eyed wanderer...

Hi there, I'm so happy we've found eachother!

My name is Jordana Manchester and I am the founder and lead consultant here in the Storied Lands community. Currently, I live as a settler just north of Vancouver on the beautiful territories of the Squamish, Tsleil-Waututh and Lil'Wat Nations. 

British Columbia has been my home for over forty years, and no matter how far my adventures take me away from her iconic shores, rocky outcrops, and royal blue seas, the smell of cedar calls me home before long. 

I've spent the last two decades of my life sending folks to the furthest reaches of the earth. And in that time, I've filled a few passports of my own. Five continents and over 75 countries later, please don't ask me to pick a favourite because I've fallen in love with each and every place I've been - call me a romantic! 

And I like to bring a little romance into my consultations; I want my guests to be as enamored with Planet Earth, her landscapes, creatures, and communities as I am. 

I've added to my travel tool belt over the years with a parallel career in travel writing, a degree in anthropology, and my favourite passion project; Motherhood. These three experiences have helped me become a more mindful, socially conscious, passionate advocate both for the communities my guests visit, and for those guests themselves, especially those who are underserved and underrepresented. 

This is the part in my bio where I'm supposed to rattle on about all of the types of travel I specialize in, and how amazing it is to book with me, but I'd rather say this: 

Storied Lands is an inclusive travel business and community founded in 2016 by a Black single mom. This is a business that proudly supports the Lgbtqia2s+ community, the BIPOC community, and persons with invisible and visible disabilities. If you want to see the world, I want to find ways to make that happen for you, while helping you feel safe and supported. 


Furthermore, Storied Lands advocates and celebrates ways in which local communities can be supported through grassroots cultural initiatives, sustainable tourism and mindful travel.  Tourism has the power to be the ultimate force of good, and if I can play even the smallest role in that shift, I can rest easy! 

Welcome to the family. 


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